June 9, 2024



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CLASS OF 2025 if you are booking a senior session in the summer with any photographer around here.

Here are a few things you’ll want to bring to your senior session in case of an emergency.


  1. Remember to bring lots of ice water; consider bringing a cooler to keep it cool. It can get hot and humid here in Eastern NC, and even at the beach, there is a breeze, but it can still be hot.
  2.  Lotion: if you’ve been laying out in the sun, your skin could be more dry than normal
  3. Bug spray: apply it between each outfit change
  4. Umbrella: you’d be surprised to know how much cooler it can keep you
  5. Paper face towels: blot, blot, and more blotting to keep the sweat away. Coffee filters work just as well.
  6. Handheld fan: keep it on you while walking to new locations. This works well for clients who sweat a lot.
  7. Snacks: the sun & heat can drain you, so keep your calories up and avoid orange or red color chips. They might stain your lips.
  8. Bug bite itch cream: it will stop the swelling and redness for pictures
  9. Extra deodorant: to keep your outfits dry
  10. Bring extra makeup powder and lip color for touch-ups.
  11. Extra clothes and a towel are needed if you take water pictures.


I hope this helps you prepare for your summer senior session. I am currently booking summer senior sessions. Email sarahhiltsphotography@gmail.com for more information. Here is a beautiful summer session Class of 2024 Nags Head NC Senior Session Hailey

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